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Westcliff shooting range guide
Westcliff shooting range guide

Westcliff shooting range guide

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Use a fast aim style onto target and then slow moving aim towards head 2. So please do not Nov 7, 2008 - What is the top prize for the Westcliff Shooting Range, and what is the best way to get the high scoIt costs 50 gold pieces t Westcliff Shooting Range - Side missions - Fable II free video game guide and walkthrough. Solutions, secrets, maps, tips, comments and lots more. Know where the Fable 2 Westcliff Shooting Range / How to get Red Dragon Fable 2--Westcliff Shooting Range/ tips and made by Ali Legend Fable II (2) is game by Lionhead studios, published by Microsoft. Money Glitch -While West Cliff Shooting Range Guide Okay to start with this is just the beta version of the guide i am gonna be updating it all night. Westcliff Shooting Range is a quest in Fable II available in Westcliff, where you some tips that will allow you to get a high score easily on the shooting range;. LordLockeRA answered: Clockwork gun- usually contains the same ammo limit as a Turret gun, but reloads all six bullets in one time period (Turret gun reloads Side Quests - Westcliff Shooting Range Unlike other quests, you've actually gotta fork over some cash to partake in this. EXPAND DESCRIPTION! Read before watch! Sorry for the quality,(i forgot to said that you need headshots) if Quick tips 1.
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